You have already done the best of what this city has to offer by partying on Surfer’s Paradise Beach, checking out Tamborine Mountain, and booking your boat cruise. You still have a day or two left and you want to do something exciting that will give you a rush of adrenaline. What is there left on the Gold Coast for you to experience?

If you said skydiving is something I’ve always wanted to do but never had the time, now is your chance! The Gold Coast is jammed packed with things to do if you know where to look. 

We hear you shouting: “Are you crazy!? I don’t want to leap from a plane on foreign soil! The cost is astronomical!” And we agree, taking a traditional leap from a perfectly serviceable aircraft could be considered extreme and pricey. However, we have the perfect compromise to suggest to you in the form of IFLY.

Sky Diving Gold Coast

IFLY is an indoor skydiving experience that gives you the thrill of skydiving without leaving solid terra firma. Okay, so technically speaking, your feet leave the ground once you enter the air tube powered by turbofans that lift you skyward and allow for the skydive experience. However, you are still on the ground, safe and sound, with a personal instructor in the tube to help you get the most out of your experiences.

IFLY is well worth checking out in advance and booking. Their prices are extremely affordable when measured against other Gold Coast attractions, and their website offers specials and deals for two or more people.

We hope you have gained some helpful information about Skydiving Gold Coast, and we thank you for stopping by our website. If you haven’t yet booked a day cruise with us, please peruse our options, and consider booking a cruise with us today. For more suggestions to fill your time on the Gold Coast with incredible, memorable experiences at affordable prices, check out our blog for ideas.

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