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You have already booked yourself a day trip on our Party Boat. You are ready to see Wave Break Island and have an iconic Sunrise Brekky, Lunch, or Sunset BBQ on a Boat and day on the water under the blazing Aussie sun, but what is there to do with the rest of your afternoon and evening once you are back on the solid shores of the Gold Coast? Well, here’s what you need to know about Glow Worms Gold Coast.

Natural Bridge, Springbrook National Park & Glow Worm Cave

Springbrook National Park

In the western part of Springbrook National Park, part of the Gondwana Rainforests in Australia’s World Heritage Area, sits the Natural Bridge. Accessible from the Nerang-Murwillumbah Road car park, the Natural Bridge section of the park features a picturesque rock formation formed by the force of water eroding basalt rock dating back millions of years. Walking in a clockwise direction to the Natural Bridge rock arch, you can follow the easy one-kilometre circuit, descending into the ancient Gondwana rainforest filled to bursting with flora and fauna that are living relics of the Jurassic Age, 180 million years ago. For those with an active imagination, it might even feel like you could come face-to-face with a dinosaur at any moment.

During the day, you will be challenged to spot our feathered friends. Paradise Riflebirds, Green Catbirds, large, purple-chest Wompoo Fruit Doves, threatened species like the cascade tree frog, tusked frog, sooty owl, or try spotting a koala. Hint, you smell them before you see them!

For the adventurous night people, there are guided nocturnal tours to see the resident colony of protected glow-worms and microbats. On summer nights, under the right conditions, you might be lucky and see luminous fungi and fireflies darting and dancing around to light the mysterious darkness that envelops you.

Unfortunately, parts of Cave Creek in the Natural Bridge section are now a Restricted Access Area to prevent people from the risk of injury. Swimming in the creek, including within the cave, and access to the creek bank is prohibited to protect the native and delicate flora and fauna.

There is one camping area in Springbrook National Park called ‘The Settlement’ camping ground. Ideally located and placed to visit the glow-worm caves and take a guided night tour. Tamborine Mountain Caravan Park is also situated within range and caters to RV and camper vehicles.

Common sense should prevail, but there are rules for visiting as it isn’t common these days.

  • Be quiet when visiting
  • Wear the appropriate shoes as the ground can be slippery when wet
  • Smoking and bug repellents inside the cave are prohibited.
  • White lights and camera flashes are also prohibited to protect the Glow Worms.

Glow Worm Caves On The Gold Coast

Glow Worm Caves

Glow-worms are sensitive to their environment, and the fact that they live in permanently wet habitats make them even more so. Australia’s climate change has made it difficult for these creatures as well – many of their colonies have been limited to only a few locations throughout the country. It is essential when visiting those locations to be mindful of where you step and what you do around larvae- ensuring minimal impact on them.

Mount Tamborine is where you will find Cedar Creek Estate, home to the Glow Worm cave, a purpose-built cave (man-made tunnel) with glow-worms that are fed and maintained by the owners. They offer the only opportunity to see glow-worms during the day for those with young children. Entry into the park is reasonable, with tickets for adults at $15.00 and children at $8.00. Check out the website for opening hours and more detailed information.

Tours run every thirty minutes until 4 pm, and booking is not required. The tour is guided, and it is asked that prams be left in the office for safekeeping. The tour doesn’t take long and is easily walked by young children or carrying infants in the arms or a carry pouch.

There is wheelchair access available for those needing wheelchair access.

What Do Glow Worms Turn Into?

Glow Worm

You might well ask …, or you might never once have stopped to ponder the question.

Glow-worms cocoon themselves, similar to butterflies, to form a protective barrier while they prepare for the final stage of their development into adulthood. Once metamorphosis is complete, they emerge from their cocoons as adult fungus gnats. (Not nearly as cute as their teenage version.)

The lifespan for a glow-worm is about one (1) year, after which the entire process repeats itself.

Cedar Creek Estate is so unique because these caves were purpose-built to house a colony of introduced glow worms. At the moment, specialised equipment maintains the moist environment needed for their survival, and a breeding program of their prey items ensures they have enough food. However, it is hoped the colony will become self-sufficient in the future.

We highly recommend taking a Glow Worm tour if you have the time and the transport. There is no public transport presently available to the site. If you are staying on the Gold Coast, you might consider jumping onto a guided tour from one of the many Gold Coast businesses that offer pick up and return day trips and excursions to Tamborine Mountain, as there are a few attractions to be had once in the area.

Both Australia and New Zealand have native Glow Worms. Day-time or night-time, this nocturnal wildlife can be viewed depending on which of the two caves you visit. Questions can be directed to your super informative guides. We hope you enjoy the rest of your stay on the awesome GC!

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