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Where Can I Boat & BBQ On The Gold Coast?

There is a seemingly endless list of companies and ventures vying for the chance to share their slice of paradise with visitors to the Gold Coast seeking the idyllic, if not iconic, day spent in a boat, on the ocean, having a BBQ containing the ultimate, highly prized, shrimp on the Barbie!

The competition is strong among the Gold Coast BBQ Boat Hire providers. The prices are surprisingly agreeable across all budgets and cater specifically to a diverse range of ‘Boat & BBQ’ experiences on the Gold Coast.

From five-star superyacht cruising for the ultimate luxe splurge to hiring a party boat for a special occasion, experience a fun day on the water with someone else at the wheel so you can relax and unwind. The Gold Coast has you covered like a warm cosy blanket on a lightly chilly night!

There is something for everyone from deep-sea fishing charters with food and drinks to party pontoons and BBQ boat hires for sheltered waters (*boat licence requirements vary depending on the vessel type and hire companies’ legalities). The one thing they all have in common is treating their guests to the ultimate Aussie BBQ experience … on a boat! 

Hands up if you can’t see yourself with a beverage in one hand and a hot off the BBQ prawn in the other as the warm ocean breeze gently teases you, enticing you to dive into crystal clear waters that appear to be ever-changing shades of turquoise, azure or ultra-marine blue.

Any visit to the Gold Coast must be classed as incomplete without undertaking the experience of a ‘Boat and BBQ’ on the Gold Coast, and that is where we come in. Welcome to Budget Cruises Gold Coast.

Cruise through some of the hundreds of stunning Gold Coast waterways with up to sixteen friends by hiring our Party Boat, or take one of our pre-set tours and enjoy not only the journey but the destination upon arrival!

BBQ on boat

BBQ Boat Hire For 2.5 Hours:

  • Explore the ‘rich & famous’ Gold Coast Canals to see how the wealthy live and maybe do a spot of celebrity snapping.
  • Take a Sightseeing Sunset Cruise or, conversely, a Breakfast Cruise, and you could be enjoying a morning walk along the pristine white sandy beaches.
  • Take a refreshing swim in the sparkling clear water on Wave Break Island and mingle with the local wildlife.
  • Enjoy an Aussie BBQ with bacon and eggs in a roll topped with barbecue or tomato sauce, juice, tea or coffee. Buy a ticket on our public cruise, and you could enjoy all of this for only $79 per adult.

Book a BBQ Boat For 3 Hours:

  • Head out to Wave Break Island for some BBQ & Water Activities! Wave Break Island is an island near the Gold Coast accessible only by boat or helicopter. (We don’t do helicopter tours…yet.)
  • Take off your shoes, feel the beautiful white sandy beach between your toes, and then wade in the turquoise waters that make Wave Break Island one of Queensland’s most popular day trip destinations. Please make use of our sporting equipment selection and kayak, paddleboard, snorkel kit, or simply enjoy swimming in the crystal-clear waters.
  • Check out the wildlife inhabiting the island and the waters surrounding it while you take some awesome snaps to brag and tag about on your social pages. Our marine life and animals are quite curious and might surprise you with a truly bespoke up-close encounter.

What Do You Get For Your Money?

Boat Hire

A fabulous day on the water and not a care in the world! We supply pretty much everything but alcohol. Alcohol is BYO and limited to specific cruises. Unless you have proven sea legs and a cast-iron stomach, we do not recommend you imbibe alcoholic beverages while at sea on a general cruise tour. For several reasons, most notably, should a worst-case scenario ever-present, we want you to be sober, follow the captain’s orders, and survive. Under Australian law, it is our legal duty and responsibility to ensure you remain responsible while still having a good time on your public cruise!

If you seek a private hire Party Boat for any occasion to celebrate (Bucks Night, Hen’s Night, Birthday Parties etc.):

  • We supply the BBQ or sausage sizzle (package deal dependent)
  • We skipper the boat and cook the BBQ while you relax and enjoy the ride.
  • Inflatable tubes, kayak, stand up paddleboard, fishing rods & lures (Equipment supply is limited due to COVID-19 restrictions).
  • Cricket bat and ball for the obligatory game of beach cricket
  • Shade umbrella
  • Light commentary
  • Experienced Captain with a terrific sense of humour, and the boat!
  • We clean up
  • Basic Water Safety and Life Vest operation instructions. (Not as entertaining as the NZ Aircrew demo that went viral, but equally life-saving in the event of an emergency should it ever be required.)
  • Lastly, the most important thing we provide is the desire to share our unique, world-class beaches, isolated islands, and instantly recognisable Surfer’s Paradise skyline. At the same time, you relax, unwind, let your hair down and have a genuinely fantastic experience with us. All of this for under $100 per person!

Book our Party Boat or BBQ boat for the full day, and your options are only constrained by time and weather. 

  • Visit Stradbroke Island
  • Wave Break Island (aka Wavebreak Island)
  • The Spit

What are you waiting for, book your tickets and discover what it feels like to be wealthy and have the world as your oyster for a day!

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