Fins? Check. Snorkel and mask; or better yet, the combined full-face snorkel mask? Check. Dive flag and buoy with water safety in place? Check. Then let’s go snorkeling on the Gold Coast!

If you’re asking yourself, where to go snorkeling near me then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are the Top 5 places to go snorkeling on the Gold Coast:

1. Narrowneck Reef In Surfer's Paradise

Narrowneck Reef

Firstly, we have to say that snorkeling is one of the best ways to experience the Gold Coast. And what better way to immerse yourself in this ocean world than to do a fully skippered tour of the Gold Coast in our hire boat which can take you to any or all of the following snorkeling destinations on the Gold Coast. If you’re looking for a stress-free day, it’s the perfect way to relax and see the sights. Plus we’ve even got scuba gear so you don’t have to bring your own.

Like all of the suggestions on this list, they are contained within the Gold Coast zone and will pair well with our Top Ten Beaches On The Gold Coast. There are other dive sites close by like Cook Island in the Tweed Heads River in NSW. If you are in the Surfer’s Paradise area, we suggest you start your snorkeling tour by checking out Narrowneck Reef.

Constructed in 1999, Narrowneck is an artificial reef built a short swim off the beach between Surfers Paradise and Main Beach. Explore the underwater world home to thousands of species of fish and marine life like the bottom feeding mostly docile wobbegong sharks, octopus, green turtles, and, if you are lucky, dolphins.

Originally built to protect the beach from erosion, this little-known gem is now home to a diverse and thriving ecosystem that grows every year.

2. Palm Beach Reef In Palm Beach

Palm Beach Reef

Palm Beach is set between two easily identifiable buoys and sits swimming distance off the beach. If you are not a strong swimmer, we suggest a kayak or small tinny to get you out to the reef. Once there, colourful coral and fish darting through the gorgeous reef will astound you.

The top of the reef rises from the seafloor to sit approximately five metres below the surface (tide depending), and there are many rocky outcrops to explore.

Often a breeding ground for fish, this protected area is known to have resident stingrays and a couple of leopard sharks. We would not recommend this as a novice dive or snorkel; this is for those with a medium to experienced level and confidence in the water with strong swimming ability.

3. The Gold Coast Seaway And Scottish Prince Wreck In Southport


The Gold Coast Seaway is a firm favourite among local divers and experienced tourists with three incredible main dive spots. The South Wall dive starts from the shore at the Short Pipe and is close to the wall, so it is the perfect place for beginners to get the fins wet and build their confidence and experience.

The North Wall offers a greater chance of having an encounter of the visual kind with whaler sharks. The Southwest wall is reserved for those with massive lungs and free dive skills and is home to the Scuba crowd venturing down the incline to deeper water.

The Scottish Prince is a 64-metre iron Basque ship that sank 800 metres off the Southport Spit in 1887. The vessel was originally carrying whiskey and linen, but these days only the hull remains. The Scottish Prince is covered in a growth of soft coral, making it a haven for all manner of sea creatures and fish alike. A few of the more frequently noted are crayfish, sharks, tropical fish, and stingrays.

You never know what you might find with the waters growing warmer each year. New species of tropical fish not typically down this low are migrating down into our warmer waters for the first time making every snorkeling experience a unique and bespoke adventure that is yours alone.

4. Kirra Reef and Jack Evans Head

Kirra Reef

Kirra Reef is an absolute must-do when it comes to snorkeling on the Gold Coast. You’ll see most of the same aquatic life at the Palm Beach Reef, but at Kirra, you’ll be able to snorkel from rock to rock, and you can link it with a quick trip over to the calm waters of the Jack Evan Head wall and check out the abundant fish life there.

5. Wave Break Island Off Main Beach

wave break island

If you’re getting into the sport of snorkeling, Wave Break Island offers some great swimming and snorkeling. Our boat is available for hire and takes you to experience the gorgeous underwater sights–complete with coral reefs! You can hire a boat from Surfers Paradise or Nerang River.

Access to Wave Break Island is only accessible via watercraft or a helicopter.

Have a group of people wanting to take the plunge? Why not pool your money and hire your own private party boat for the day? Our Party Boat isn’t just for parties. You can hire it for any occasion, and holding 16 adults, you could share the cost over the number of people and end up having a cheap but genuinely fantastic day on the water, under the water, and while you are there, check out Wave Break Island while we cook up a BBQ for you!


If you’ve ever asked yourself where to go snorkeling near me, we hope we’ve now been able to answer your question. Our biggest hope is that this list was helpful in aiding you to scout out some amazing underwater snorkeling places to get your fins wet and your fill out your photo album.

Enjoy your time on the Gold Coast. We look forward to sharing with you our amazing patch on Mother Earth.

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